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Individual and Group Counseling

My approach to therapy is a holistic one, addressing the whole person - mind, body and spirit. I am respectful of the religious and spiritual beliefs of my clients and I view the spiritual dimension of life as an integral part of one's physical, emotional, mental and relational health


Invidual counseling - is time devoted to you and your well being. It's a time and place where you will be seen, heard and respected. We will work together to bring about healing, balance and peace to your life... to resolve whatever issue(s) you came in with, as well as those underlying issues that may not be so apparent. Individual sessions can be implemented in person or online

Group counseling - brings together people who have similar situations and/or challenges, or those who are working toward the same goals. Although the idea of meeting and sharing with a group of strangers might be intimidating, the vast majority of those who have joined a group have found it to be supportive, encouraging and extremely helpful. Groups are held 2-4 times a month either in person (Long Island, NY) or via Zoom.


Ongoing groups:

Working Our Way Through the Changes and Losses in our Lives 

The Gift of PeriMenopause

 The Joys and Challenges of Kinship Caregiving

If you're interested in registering for any of these groups, or if there is another topic you would like to explore within a group setting, please use the Contact page to let me know.

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